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11 November 2015

Italian Fly Casting

A couple of years ago I joined Team FFM UK led by Philip Bailey and Massimo Magliocco - President and Technical Director. Italian Fly Casting with it's unique style and approach to presenting a fly to fish in hard to reach places fascinated me.

The style came to be defined by the Italian fly fishing pioneer and innovator Roberto Pragliola who founded the TLT Academy under whom Massimo learnt and developed the technique.

Here a couple of films I made with the FFM UK team that will give you a flavour of the technique:

Italian Fly Casting on the River Wharfe, Yorkshire, with Team FFM UK.

Italian Casting Practice - FFM UK in Yorkshire. from philip sheridan on Vimeo.

Italian Fly Casting on the River Dee, Wales with Team FFM UK.

FFM UK - Italian Fly Casting - River Dee, Wales from philip sheridan on Vimeo.

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